Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Research for 'Guess Who' - Giants

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Giant (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Giant or Giants may refer to:

Most of the images portray the giants as warriors, protecting what they own, also they seem to be outside mostly.

I like this image (above, right) because it's obvious what it is, and the silhouette really stands out, it doesn't have much detail on it so you're not drawn to it but the giant instead. That's what I'm hoping to achieve in my final image.

Overall key features picked out: 
  • Very tall
  • They have beards, may be suggesting they're wise and old (they've been around for centuries, perhaps)
  • Holding a weapon; Axes, Hammers, Clubs
  • Background- Nature, They're outside all the time.
I also looked up films with giants in and myths Such as:

Alice in Wonderland (Film and Book)

and in Myths, such as, In Norse mythology, a giant called a Jotun (or Jötunn) is made of ice or stone (depending on the season).

Jotunheim is one of the nine worlds, the homeland of the frost and rock giants. Situated in Midgard, on the middle level of the Norse universe, Jotunheim is separated from Asgard by the river Iving, which never freezes over. It lies in the snowy regions on the outermost shores of the ocean. Mimir's well of wisdom is in Jotunheim, beneath the Midgard root of the ash tree Yggdrasil.


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