Monday, 20 January 2014

Stage 2 - Cath Kidston and Vintage Patterns

For my stage 2 project we had to choose a competition to do out of a list. I decided to do the Cath Kidston competition. This is because it was about pattern and I was inspired to do it.

Our brief was to design a new conversational print taking into account their brand values and print style.

I started off by doing some research about Cath Kidston to get a feel for the patterns and colours she uses.

 I really like the bird pattern because it's detailed and I really like the colours on it. Also there isn't much pink on it which I like too.
 Most of Cath Kidston's work is very bright and traditional. The objects are very recognisable too.
I'm not a huge fan of the pinks and the twee feel to the prints so I might try to put my own spin on it while trying to keep with the brief.  

I decided to look in to vintage patterns because in the brief they said they were The Home of Modern Vintage.

 I really like how in this pattern they link up so it's continuous. However this isn't Cath Kidston's style.

 I really like the colours of the pattern above as it looks like it's glowing.

 I also really like the colours in this pattern, and the textured background. I could do something like  this for my background.

Images from:

Cath kidston

Vintage Patterns

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